Education World: Ed Technology Section…What do you Think?

I found this site called Educational World. There is a section on educational technology. Looking for input from my network of experts…here is a small sample.. Alec, Rob, Dean, Heather , Rick , and of course the rest of you out there in the ed tech blogosphere! 🙂 I am on the fence at the moment. First of all the site seems very inviting to teachers, especially for those outside the realm of educational technology. My second impression is that some of the practices suggested may be somewhat archaic. I am also looking for some comments on some of the featured ed techs on the site. Recognize only one.

9 thoughts on “Education World: Ed Technology Section…What do you Think?

  1. I’ve been aware of Educational World for a long time. I actually referred to it quite a bit when I first began using technology in the classroom 10 years ago. They even wrote a story about me in 2002.

    That said, I rarely use it now. Although I think some of their writers have some good things to say, I remember about a year ago I wrote them criticizing them for calling part of their site a blog when they was no ability to comment. It may still have some value but in an age where it’s more important to connect to people, I wonder if magazine style sites like this are losing their value.

  2. I used to use the site quite a bit. I still poke around for information and ideas. I’ve used the geography web searches with my class and the students liked them. Lots of quick lessons and activities.

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  4. Dear you know that I thinks its the modern type of education and this time we need it .Many new technology was born.It can help us more and to learn more.Thanks for the info.

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